Rock people! (And blunt Grandads)

Rock People!

I’m not on my own here am I? I’ve been doing this one since I was a wee spider myself. I used to give them as presents – to the point where my Grandad once said “Oh please God, not another bloody googly-eyed rock” when I proudly presented my birthday gift to him. (A Yorkshire man, my Grandad. Never one to mince his words.)

But those words did not deter me! And so now I find myself making them with my little one.


” I hereby promise (places all eight hands on heart) that I will never moan about receiving these as gifts from Little Miss Spider. If my house becomes a veritable festoon of multi-coloured googly-eyed rocks then so be it. I have made my web – and will lie in it accordingly.”

Another thing you may have noticed is that I do like a craft that you can eek out another activity from. Why not grab a little bucket and make a nature walk, or a garden exploration out of collecting your stones? Also, they’re a great way to practice counting when you’ve got them home. You could even put numbers on the back.

Where was I? Oh yes!  . . . You will need:

  • A selection of small smooth pebbles.
  • A selection of paints. Poster paints mixed with a little PVA for staying power work well.
  • Shop bought googly eyes. Or eyes cut out a magazine. OR drawn your own on paper and cut out.
  • Marker pen or any little stick on accessories (If you want to add detail).

I’m guessing you don’t really need comprehensive instructions. You just paint the rocks, stick the eyes on, add detail with a pen if you feel so inclined once they’re dry. Easy peasy. I do however have a couple of top tips – but they’re not essential:

  1. Paint them all on one side only – leave them to dry, and then paint the other side. Saves on smudges.
  2. We painted ours white first to make the colours really vibrant.
  3. They also look good painted with plain PVA if you want to keep things really simple.
  4. Go as detailed or as simple as you like. Add hair, bow ties, rosy cheeks etc, or just stick to plain varnish and eyes.

Voila! Rock people. Might get my thinking cap on now – I’m seeing little rock people accessories: matchbox cars? Shoe box houses? Hmmmmm . . . Whaddya think?


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