5 Toilet Roll Craft Ideas (6 if you include my husband’s really bad one.)

“My daughter saves toilet rolls! It seems to be her thing and we have loads now. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for some toilet roll crafts that would help use them up?” Ghostwriter Mummy x

How exciting?! An actual request. I’m so taken with this idea that I think I’m going to make it a regular feature on the blog. I’ll put a bit of thought into how it will work, and keep y’all posted.

So . . . toilet rolls. I immediately dismissed my other half’s suggestion of “Midget Fez” and came up with 5  ideas that I hope cover all ages and skill levels.

  1. Funky Bangles! Get scissor happy and messy with the PVA. A great one for all ages to try. Comic book snippits look particularly cool, or you could even just use paint/glitter/sequins etc.
  2. Castle: I made this with a variety of toilet and kitchen roll tubes, and a load of PVA. (Stand it on grease proof paper or  cling film when the glue’s drying so it doesn’t stick to a surface!) Little Miss Spider lent a hand with the paint, but this one’s a bit better for older kids. I think we’ll use ours as a desk tidy for her pencil crayons.
  3. Rocket! We glued a section of a plastic straw on the top to thread string through and let it slide down. Whooooosh.
  4. Butterfly: Make or re-use a finger painting to make the wings with younger children. Older ones can design their own. Add pipe cleaner antennae and away you go. I think these make a lovely alternative to gift wrapping a present – if the gift is small enough, you can wrap it in tissue and put it in the body of the butterfly.
  5. Animals to illustrate a song: We all sing songs to toddlers that seem to involve counting down animals. (5 little ducks, 5 little speckled frogs, 5 little monkeys etc) Why not make the appropriate animals and use them as a visual aid to the song? We like “5 little Moneys sitting in a tree.” (I am aware there are only two Monkeys in the picture – this is of course because the other three were snapped up by the proverbial crocodile, and not because I ran out of loo rolls – honest!)

Hope this helps, Ghostwritermummy – chuffed to pieces that you asked, and hopefully, this may be the start of a new interactive angle to the Incy Wincy Art Club?!

What’s that you say? You wanted to see the midget fez? Oh . . . go on then! Take it away Mr Incy Wincy . . .


Also – I found a whole load more fabulous toilet roll craft ideas over on Red Ted Art’s blog – take a look.


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