Paper Cup Skittles!

It was hard what to do for my first actual “making” post. Tempting as it was to go for something impressive, I swiftly reminded myself that this isn’t what Incy Winy Art Club is about. Remember me saying how a lot of these projects won’t look that pretty? That it’s more about the fun of making and letting your toddler rip with the paints, the mess, and the fun? That’s it’s not about spending a lot, but having creative time together? Well, this illustrates that perfectly.

Paper Cup Stacking Skittles! Yey!

On a whim whilst doing the supermarket shop, I bought some plain white paper cups – very cheap they were too. Here’s what we did with them.

You Will Need:

  • Paper cups – a plain colour is best.
  • Paints
  • Brushes/sponges/hands and fingers
  • Decoration (if you wish) glitter/stickers/googly eyes.

It’s fairly self-explanatory really. Let them decorate their cups however they wish. Then, when they’re dry, stack ’em up and knock ’em down!

Little Miss Spider decided to go for a fetching blue/red/yellow random combo. . .

Younger toddlers might try hand print decorations, whereas older children might want to do a “proper” picture?  Or maybe you could cut out family faces to decorate hand drawn bodies (illustrated by Mr Incy Wincy below) ? . . .


We ended up cutting out some favourite characters from an old kids magazine and glueing them on. This proved to be a smart move when bashing them over with a ball later on. “HAHA! DADDY PIG FALL OVER!”

Not only did she LOVE stacking them all up and bashing them down with a ball, but she also liked it when I put them all level on the floor,  hid something under one of them while she looked away, then jumbled them up and she had to find the surprise. Bless. We”ll have to make some more soon I suspect, they’ve been played with so much.

I guess the beauty of this is not only that it’s cheap, but you can make the decoration as easy or as intricate as your child wants. AND it doubles as a fun game or two. Let your imaginations go . . .  and please do let us know how you get on!

PPPsssssssssstt . . .  Next weeks is gonna be messy AND noisy! Yey!


8 thoughts on “Paper Cup Skittles!

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  2. I had to tell you: luka and I are going to make these this week. We were looking at the pictures and came to the one with Mr incy wincy on it.
    Luka: that’s Grandad!
    Me: no, look again.
    Luka: is it daddy?
    Luka: hmmm (runs off. Brings back THAT toy…) it’s grace’s daddy!
    Very pleased with himself!


  3. Love these! We have a few children’s magazines lying about so I now have something to do with them. Spud will love making CBeebies skittles 🙂 When we get round to it, I will post pics on my blog and link back to yours x

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